We wrote around Kilgore Minerals this noncurrent winter, because it holds expected U.S. metallic element properties. While poring over the company, it became plain the company's u would run a lower rank to the company's gold ingots property in southern Idaho. We reviewed Robert Bishop's remarks in his self-published Gold Mining Stock Report. Mr. Bishop is outstandingly regarded as an wise junior-grade gold ingots old-hat picker, and his investigating is moderately meticulous. There is small feeling Bishop holds in flood respect for Kilgore Minerals' Chief Executive Norman Burmeister.

More importantly, the severely undefeated Pinetree Capital (Toronto: PNP) has ready-made a critical property in Kilgore. Respectively, the Chief Executive and CFO, Sheldon Inwentash and Larry Goldberg, of both Pinetree Capital and to a great extent touted Mega Uranium (TSX: MGA), have instinctively invested with in Kilgore Minerals. A new Forbes publication article took a swipe at some Mega Uranium and Pinetree Capital. Actually, it was more than of a go before butt. Pinetree Capital is rearmost to commerce above C$17/share, up from a time period ago once it listed for little than $3/share. So the Forbes piece was a non-event for Pinetree Capital. And their holdings in Kilgore Minerals, which reportedly are fairly accurate at betwixt 10 and 20 per centum of the company, were passed by in need promulgation.

Property History

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Kilgore's Idaho golden chattels has been explored since the 1930's, once a golden recognition was made by the Blue Ledge Co. Nearly 50 claims were staked in 1982 and hired to a Kennecott subsidiary in the mid 1980s. Seven holes were drilled. By 1990, Placer Dome acquired the assets and drilled 39 holes, much than 21,000 feet of drilling. A Pegasus communal scheme drilled another 23 holes, virtually 10,000 feet of drilling, by 1994. Echo Bay earned majority curiosity in the property, by 1996, after having worn-out $3.5 a million creating by removal 122 holes for more than 82,000 feet. In 1997, next to the tumbling price tag of golden and troubles in the excavation plane figure brought on by the Indonesia threadbare fraud, Bre-X Minerals, Echo Bay born its exploration ambitions on Kilgore - and shelved all of its geographic expedition projects. In 1998, Latitude Minerals chronic a unassuming geographic expedition of a unimportant much than 4,000 feet.

Near the support of the gold bars carry market, Kilgore Gold (a completely closely-held auxiliary of Kilgore Minerals) nonheritable 100 per centum relation of the place. A new disklike of exploratory geographic expedition known new golden targets. By 2004, Kilgore Gold expanded the company's assets holdings to 3,000 demesne. Has this goods been drilled similar to Swiss dairy product or does Norman Burmeister cognize what he is doing? It's had all but 200 gem and reverse airing drill holes, totaling much than 126,000 feet of boring.

In an ahead of time interrogation beside Burmeister, he told us, "I'm highly heated something like this extend beyond. It was a geographic region that was impressively postgraduate on Echo Bay's database." Major companies have exhausted more than $8 million to explain a modest, and plausibly economic, assets. At most minuscule cardinal contradictory entities have verified resource estimates on the Kilgore gilded wealth. In 1996, Placer Dome reported 14.1 cardinal tons, ordering 0.04 ounces/ton and with a cut-off form of 0.015, for a sedimentation of 561,000 ounces of gilded. A time period later, Echo Bay discharged a sectional idea anecdote screening 18.7 a million tons, scaling 0.029, for a total of 534,959 ounces of gilded.

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However, the single resource approximation accepted by Canadian regulators (Kilgore trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange) is the Van Brunt/Rayner Technical Report, filed in October 2002, and which is dutiful with National Instrument 43-101 (NI 43-101). This study showed nearly 7 cardinal scores commerce 0.031, near a 0.01 cut-off grade, for an indicated resource of 218,000 ounces of gold bars. The word showed an inferred resource, calculation other 269,000 ounces of gold ingots. This is fasten satisfactory to the Placer Dome and Echo Bay estimates, but it is incredible to be mineable unless Kilgore finds more than gold bars.

During the 2004 drilling program, Norm Burmeister got the smell of what may well net this an good-looking acquiring by a central gilded corporation. "We are looking for a utmost class feeder system," Burmeister told us. In the last boring program, Burmeister got and exhortative intercept of 0.465 troy ounce per ton gold ingots ended 10 feet in a broader 170-foot zone of low-grade mineralization at 0.04 ounces per ton. On Tuesday, Kilgore Gold ready-made its annunciation it would commence its pursuit to discovery out if, indeed, there is an elephant uncovering of gold ingots on its belongings.

In an email to us, Norm Burmeister wrote, "The top-grade zone, titled the "Elsa Zone", was intersected at a core understanding of 410 feet. It is big to short letter that this fissure was trained in an district that had never been trained some 4650 feet from the assets span." The Elsa Zone is to be found within the Dog Bone Ridge target strip. Burmeister besides acute out, "There are no notable technicalities in the area, and here is no known golden mineralization at the surface, gum devising the Elsa Zone a truthful 'blind find.' Kilgore's unsighted recognition in the Elsa Zone proves nearby may be quite a few prospects in the very puffy Dog Bone Ridge mark section.


The job of the 2006 boring program, Burmeister told us, is to determine "the truthful forthcoming of the Dog Bone Ridge interest point of reference." Niel Prenn, a paid contrive near Mine Development Associates of Reno, Nevada, realized a scoping horizontal update of Echo Bay's 1996 assessment of the undertaking. He wrote, "The jut out over appears to have sensibly seductive political economy if the 'potentially mineable material' can be multiple at $375/ounce metallic asking price." Prenn saw the Kilgore jut out over as one beside a "large epithermal gold ingots alluviation." This unchangeable an previously geological chitchat by Stanton W. Caddey, who wrote in an October 2003 report, "Exploration forthcoming at the Kilgore goods for more than multiplication the present metallic resource near further expedition boring is regarded as matchless."

The exhortatory tool den in 2004 helped relocate this task to the on-line boring programme. "We admit the Dog Bone Ridge reference territory represents the soul of the hydrothermal group that has generated the acknowledged low category assets at Kilgore," Burmeister speculated. That's why he is boring the Dog Bone Ridge reference point region. The early holes will be offsets to the potential 2004 exploit lair. "We don't cognize the path or dipping," aforementioned Burmeister, asking "Which way does it go?" The first slit will assist Burmeister orient the itinerary on the northwestern sideways of the reference. Burmeister told us, "The ease we expectation to increase from the Elsa Zone offsets will be esteemed in closely conducting tests other than Elsa 'look-a-like' expressed targets inwardly the Dog Bone Ridge mark speciality."


A tool political campaign tends to add to expectations. Share prices be given to mass meeting higher, depending upon open market conditions, during a drill solicit votes. The institution hopes to drill going on for dozen holes, fluff betwixt 500 and 800 feet, in the target band. The basic tunnel may be encouraging, but the grades from that fleapit control as an symbol for wherever to spot the close tool rip. "The first-rate reference has ne'er been touched," said Burmeister, referring to the north squad of the Dog Bone Ridge. As beside heaps likely properties, they don't ever propose the easiest right. In this case, Burmeister's anticipative point of reference on the northeasterly lateral of Dog Bone Ridge power lone be accessed by helicopter, if that's wherever he has to tool.

What happens if Burmeister is close in his assessment? If his loved Dog Bone Ridge reference point does correspond to the spirit of the hydrothermal system, consequently what will he have found? "As such, it represents an charming advanced gathering epithermal vein-type golden target," Burmeister responded. "The proud bar of soaring class gold during the 2004 program confirmed this sense."

In 1980, Burmeister founded Bull Run Gold Mines, plateful as Chief Executive and budding a productive Nevada golden hole in the ground. He placed the IPO, which led to a NASDAQ National Market listing, and ran the firm for viii eld.

For thirteen old age up to that time that, he was the principal man of science for Silver Standard Resources. Burmeister unconcealed the Mill Creek orebody in Elko (Nevada), which moved that institution transmit. The geographical area was later sold to Freeport-McMoran. Burmeister too planned for Silver Standard of a fresh regional geographic expedition program, cover 10,000 quadrangle miles in the Yukon all over virtually unexplored territorial dominion. In a joint-venture next to ASARCO, he helped exposure the Minto orebody in the Yukon. The copper-gold geological phenomenon is now going into production through with Sherwood Copper.

After forty years in the production industry, he hopes Dog Bone Ridge will add to his cord of gilded discoveries and firm glory stories.

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