Israel has been assaultive locations in Gaza together with several harry bridges and a ascendancy industrial unit in event to a Hamas led seizure of an Israeli Soldier. There have too been attacks on the Lebanon Border next to Israel and now cardinal more soldiers have been seize.

Israel says this is an act of war not International Terrorism, because it was done by an effective armed service and for this reason Israel has attacked various airports in Lebanon plus Beirut International Airport to obviate the transfer of military capability to use hostile Israel.

Syria is assisting Hamas Leadership in activity out from forward Israeli service in Gaza and supply asylum for that International Terrorist Group. The latest growth is that Iran is now taking the Israeli Soldier. He is mortal delivered to them via guerrillas. The information flash reads; Guerrillas Now Transferring Captured Israeli Soldier to Iran.

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This will undoubtedly tombola Iran into the battle and spring the Israelis a origin to march into Iran, who is sponsoring both Hezbollah and Hamas. Iranian President has secure to punch Israel off the map and has told the United Nations it will keep alive to fall into place Nuclear Weapons.

The Western World has specified the Iranian Leadership an demand to close the production of Nuclear Weapons, yet Iran insists on having a war and now has more provoked Israel so perhaps a war they shall have? Hard to say as the card game are vie and yesteryear repeats for the Middle East and the human race. Interesting indeed. Consider all this in 2006.

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